Shoe Buying Guide

What are your style habits? Take the quiz and find out…

Your  shoes…

a)      You refuse to go out without heels, just like the famous Victoria Beckham.

b)      You place a high emphasis on comfort, 6 inch stilettos are not your idea of fun!

c)       Your shoe collection consists of both strappy sandals and ballet pumps. You love flats and heels.

d)      Your crazy original shoes rarely match your outfit, and you love it!

Your style…

a)      You have a sophisticated, neat and tidy look and find it hard to dress down.

b)      You have a low maintenance look, comfort’s your main priority.

c)       You style is feminine, you love details such as sequins, diamantes and bows.

d)      You like to experiment when it comes to style, anything goes.

Your use of colour…

a)      Your shoe collection consists mainly of black timeless pieces, which you find easy to coordinate with your outfits.

b)      You shy away from colour when it comes to your shoes and opt for black or browns.

c)       You have quite a bit of colour in your shoe collection, you don’t just stick to black.

d)      You have no rules when it comes to shoes, you own a wide variety and experiment with everything and anything!


Mostly a’s

If this sounds like you, then you my dear are a ‘Sophisticated’.  The thought of having to wear flats for any occasion fills you with dread. You only buy shoes when you need them, and they ALWAYS have a heel!  The Opulence WedgeWelly boot was designed with you in mind.

Mostly b’s

If you selected mostly B’s, then you my lovely are a ‘Relaxed’.  You don’t consider yourself a slave to fashion and prefer flats, flip flops and trainers.  You prefer neutral shades and don’t like anything fussy.  The Contradict WedgeWelly boot was designed with you in mind.

Mostly c’s

Now you my lady, are the Queen of accessories!  You love fussy ruffles and ribbons, pretty details and colours.  Dainty, strappy, cutesy and girly…you are known as a ‘Flirty’.  The Man Eater Platinum WedgeWelly boot was designed with you in mind.

Mostly d’s

If you are mostly d, then you are probably extroverted and like to be noticed?  You have lots of eclectic and wacky outfits.  You love high heels, chunky soles, flats, colourful and detailed pieces. You love to stand out and change your style regularly. You my sweetness, are an ‘Experimental’.  The Legend Chelsea WedgeWelly boot was designed with you in mind.